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The organic serum works as if it’s molecules were Nano Macromolecular Machines That Clean, Moisturize, Restore, Revitalize and Regenerate Skin.Our natural skin care productsare powered by the ONLY substance created in the most sophisticated lab on Earth to support the health of the skin and thus ensure well-being. Safe for babies and octogenarians alike, and totally compatible with living cells.

No matter what your skin type, BIOCUTIS® will work for your cutis.

Every night just clean the surface of your skin to remove make up and the accumulation of oil and impurities with your favorite makeup cleansing milk (or with a little virgin olive oil) and disposable wipes. Then nourish your skin with the right BIOCUTIS® skin care product, which is the one that alleviates all the symptoms of your specific skin condition (acne, scars, marks, dryness, sensitivity, irritation, etc.) while addressing the root cause of the problem you have been grappling with.

Every morning, you will wake up with a clean and already nourished cutis (dermis and epidermis), so your skin is ready for BIOCUTIS® deep pore cleansing, mild daily enzyme dissolution of damaged and worn out tissues, antioxidants and balanced nutrition. You will see and feel the difference the very first time you use it.

Try BIOCUTIS skin care and you will never go back to your old routine. You will quickly see and feel firmer, younger-looking skin and much sooner tan latter you may join the thousands of women who have stopped wearing foundation because they no longer need it.

Wondering what is the most sophisticated lab on Earth?

Think of it!

Biological organisms are way more intricate and complex or sophisticated than any machinery us humans have been able to design and create.

In order to function, every machine requires specific parts such as screws, springs, cams, gears, and pulleys. Likewise, all biological machines must have many well-engineered parts to work. Examples include units called organs such as the liver, kidney, and heart. These complex life units are made from still smaller parts called cells which in turn are constructed from yet smaller machines known as organelles. Cell organelles include mitochondria, Golgi complexes, microtubules, and centrioles. Even below this level are other parts so small that they are formally classified as macromolecules (large molecules).

Macromolecules can be thought of as molecular machines, in the sense that they are modular, complex, have moving parts that carry out the same step many times over, and consume energy. They perform essential tasks in the cell, such as reading out and translating the genetic code; generating or converting metabolic energy; generating force to enable the cell to move; taking up, synthesizing or secreting enzymes, metabolites or other macromolecules; recognizing and reacting to signals from the outside world; to name but a few. Ultimately, the sum of all these assemblies defines the uniqueness of a given cell, an organism or an individual.

Understanding these natural nano-machines and how they work is fundamental and fascinating, and also one of the most challenging tasks for the future of basic biomedical research.

The immune system is just one sophisticated example of biological mechanisms that are critical for all life from the simplest to the most complex.

No biochemist in a lab can use a machinery as complex as that of the immune system of a living creature. Such machinery is capable of generating enormous chemical diversity through the processes of genetic recombination and somatic mutation, to create a biological solution totally compatible with living cells.

The capacity to build or create macromolecules in a lab is beyond the abilities of even the most sophisticated lab on Earth.

Macromolecules and Active Organic Skin Care Products

Some of such macromolecules are necessary for the health of our skin, and when used in skin care contribute more than any simple chemical designed and created by pharmacists. That is the huge advantage of natural active organic ingredients.

A New Benchmark for Skin Care Products

The discovery of a living creature that secretes a lotion or serum to care for its own skin and is made by its own immune system as a complete and perfectly balanced solution for the care of skin that is VERY similar to human skin is a breakthrough for natural skin care products and sets a new benchmark for all skin care products

No chemist has yet been able to use the complex machinery of the immune system of a living creature, which is capable of generating tremendous chemical diversity through the processes of recombination and somatic mutation, to create a biological solution that is totally compatible with living cells and thus without side effects for skin regeneration.

Our skin care products contain this irreducible complex serum.

It is fascinating to learn that a little mollusk happens to have skin very similar to human skin and secretes this immune support serum to avoid infections by micro-organisms, and to quickly regenerate even severely damaged skin tissues when birds bit them.

Learning about it provides insights about what is necessary for the effective care of human skin lesions and skin affected by infections and disorders (keloids, eczema, rosacea, … and many worrisome skin conditions).

We combine the serum with other natural ingredients to make skin care products that can be conveniently applied on human skin with no waste, efficiently, and so that the active serum penetrates deeply into the skin and reaches the basal layer of skin cells where it triggers skin regeneration.

Botanical Active Ingredients in our Skin Care Products

We also add ingredients of botanical origin or from microorganisms that enhance its properties and address specific symptoms so as to relieve itching and other uncomfortable symptoms that manifest together with some skin disorders.

In this way we offer solutions for severe acne, dermatitis, eczema, rosacea, keloid scars, keratosis, stretch marks and more…


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